Friday, June 7, 2013

Going Home and Going Crazy

Charlotte, NC (image from Wikipedia)

Seven years ago I changed jobs and went from working 60 hours a week to 40 (plus no commute).  My daughter was a teenager and I suddenly found I had lots of time on my hands.  I’ve always been a person who likes to stay busy and so I started looking for other ways to fill my time.  Reading led me to creating this blog and all the things that went into it and I’ve loved every minute of it.

What I have not loved however is my job.  Despite various positions within the organization, I’ve come to loath going to work every day and it’s taken a toll, mentally and physically.  Besides being separated from my family (who I see every other weekend), I am bored out of my mind doing meaningless tasks in a dysfunctional environment.  Since I still have a lot of working years ahead of me, I came to the conclusion that this was no way to live my life.  Something had to change.

Next week I’ll be moving out of my apartment in DC and returning “home” to be with my family.  I will also be jumping back into the crazy, frenzied world I left behind seven years ago.  The 20 years I’ve spent in a very specialized, niche field put me in the fortunate position of having multiple offers to choose from and the one I went with will require frequent travel and sometimes long hours but also offers the opportunity for professional growth and a variety of work assignments that will get me back to doing what I really love to do in my field.

I'll probably be going crazy like Miranda Lambert in her video for "Momma's Broken Heart" (it's hilarious!)

So what does all this have to do with my blog?  Probably quite a bit.  I still plan on reading and posting reviews (and I do plan on getting caught up on the tremendous backlog I have, probably by posting mini reviews of some sort).  What is unknown at this point is if I will have time to keep up the other things, especially the  New This Week and Weekly Wishlist posts.  They take an incredible amount of time to put together (especially the Weekly Wishlist posts since that involves scouring the internet for future releases) so I’ll have to see how that works out.  I will also be cutting back on blog tours since it may not be possible for me to commit to specific deadlines (I do plan to honor any commitments I’ve already made though).

With moving, a new job and needing to find another place to live in Charlotte I also sadly came to the conclusion that I would not be able to attend the Historical Novel Society Conference.  I'm really disappointed since I was really looking forward to meeting so many of the people I've come to "know" online, but I had to be realistic about the time I need in order to get everything else done.  Since I think registration for the conference is closed, if anyone is interested in attending for a reduced registration fee, please contact me at cmdaphne(at)tds(dot)net and maybe we can work something out (I checked and I can transfer my registration to someone else).

Things may continue to be a little quiet and sporadic here for a while until I get settled and see what kind of crazy my new job is going to bring.


Tara from Maryland said...

As someone who frequently feels trapped in a career that was nothing like what I thought it would be (I'm a middle school social studies teacher), I commend you on getting out and doing what's best for you! While I do love your Weekly Wishlists for your uncanny ability to spotlight the new before other bloggers get to it, I would totally still visit your blog without them. I enjoy your posts, but life comes first! Good luck!

Tracey said...

"New This Week" is what keeps my library reserve account full. It also does excellent work filling spaces on store wish lists. It would be missed...

But life beyond books is more important!! Getting satisfaction from a career (envy you the travel aspect!) and being around family is going to make you a happier person...thus, your blog is just going to be that much better!!
You'll write because you WANT to, not because an escape is needed.

Not to'll stay 'bookmarked' with me, and get the daily visit.

Best wishes to you in the new lifestyle!!!

Marg said...

I am so glad that you are getting the chance to go home, even if that does mean some adjustments. We'll still be here when you work out what your new life look like.